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Elite offers complete Logistics Process Management to help companies evaluate and re-engineer the business processes that intersect with their logistics and transportation operations. With a focus on ROI, Elite helps companies identify areas of improvement, develop best practices, and achieve a more efficient and effective supply chain model.

Elite’s turnkey Project Logistics Services ensure that even the most challenging projects are coordinated down to the last detail. Elite’s Carrier Contract and Rate Management solutions help lower costs by improving carrier selection, lowering administrative overhead, eliminating overcharges, and improving productivity.

When it comes to managing the logistics process, Elite helps companies via process improvement and process management.

Process improvement includes:
Identifying all of the elements integral in your logistics and supply chain process
Describing and analyzing these elements
Developing improvements to streamline processes for maximum efficiency

Process management includes:
Managing individual processes in your logistics and supply chain for continual improvement
Managing the total logistics and supply chain system for maximum efficiency

The most effective way to approach business process reengineering is to make sure that all of the elements in the service chain are involved, as each element will have process changes that will need to be made and each of those changes affects the other elements in the chain. And as supply chains and lead times for delivery tighten, the effects of those changes become more pronounced on each of the other elements.

To this end, Elite works with both established and expanding businesses to ensure adoption of common platforms, shared systems, and shared data across all systems, in real time.

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